JH Girls Basketball


Madison Ellis, Reporter

OVERALL: The girls basketball team eighth grade is 0-0 and the seventh grade is 0-0.
LAST WEEK: The seventh and eighth teams played Nocona.
PREVIOUS GAMES: With a win for seventh and a loss for eighth.
BRIGHT SPOTS: “Millie Mayo and Skylar Merkle on the seventh grade team played well during their last game,” Coach Tyler Owen said. “Kaitey David and Makaylee McCown on the eighth grade team played skillfully.”INSIDE SCOOP: “Our team has improved a lot since our first practice,” Merkle said. “We’ve done well previously but I feel like there’s more room to improve as a team.” David said both teams help each other out during practice and on the court. “Our team has grown so much since last year,” David said, “now the most important thing to do is to continue growing.”

WEAKNESS: “The seventh grade girls are still learning, while the eighth grade girls haven’t had as much practice as we would like,” Owen said. David said failure in communication has set the team back in the past. “Our team works hard,” David said. “If we worked on our closeness as much as we do when practicing, it would help our team.”

STRENGTH: “Both teams are very athletic,” Owen said. Merkle said the girls have been working hard for their upcoming games.

We need a lot of practice and repetition to get both teams where we wanna be.

— Tyler Owen