JV Basketball

Luke Deerinwater, Reporter

OVERALL: 1-1 The JV 1 team boys have defeated Peaster. After facing Peaster for the second time they lost. The JV 2 team is 0-1 since losing to Noccona.
BRIGHT SPOTS: “Our passing and defense are really good this year and is what sets us apart from Peaster,” sophomore Landon Smith said. ”The basics are our strong points.”
The boys will continue to focus on their fundamentals to strengthen their game.
INSIDE SCOOP: “Me, Kellar Crow, and Smith are expected to lead the team to future wins,” Jayden Kim said.
With the leaders consisting of under-clansmen the team will have time to grow. COACHES VIEW: “Kim, Crow, and Smith will be doing most of the plalymaking,” Coach Dunham added.
The sophomores have key roles to help the rest of the team. “It’s difficult to teach two teams this year,” Coach Dunham said.
The coach is going to have to give up some time with the JV 1 team.
“We need our team to move faster up and down the court,” Coach Dunham added. The coach expects the team to have more “drive” and “hustle.”
“We need to spread out the floor quickly and have better communication.” Coach Dunham said.
Speed is an occurring theme for their success.
ATHlETES VIEW: “Making open lay ups have been a struggle for the team as a whole; I think it’s because it’s early in the season,” Jameson Laverdy said.
Getting comfortable will affect the outcome of their games.