Devanny Muniz

Elementary students enjoying Valentines treats

Juan Alba, Reporter

Teachers all around the elementary building celebrated their Valentine’s Day with parties for the students.
“Fifth through sixth made valentines boxes for all their goodies to go in,” fifth grade math teacher Kristen Wilhem said. “When all the students bring their boxes they voted on whose box is best decorated.”
Second grade enjoyed their day with sweets and treats.
“The students ate ice cream sundaes provided by the home room moms,” second grade teacher Sondra Doyle said. “We used our social studies time to be able to host our valentines party.”
Fifth grader Jayden Peters said she enjoyed giving gifts to students and loves the food.

My favorite part was giving everyone a gift that I took my time to make special for everyone,

— Jayden Peters

“My favorite part was giving everyone a gift that I took my time to make special for everyone,” she said. “I also enjoyed the snacks that come with the party that the parents provide.”
Students made their valentines boxes to bring to school so all the students can get gifts.
“Kindergarten made boxes so that everyone can bring treats and gifts,” Kindergarten teacher Renea Getts said. “Students must bring valentines boxes to be able to receive gifts from all the students.”
Fifth grader Rigen Merkle said that he enjoyed all the time he took preparing the valentines box for the party with his family.
“Valentines boxes are one of the most important parts about a valentines party because you have to make sure everyone is impressed,” he said. “My parents helped me make my box this year so I’m hoping to reach for the stars and have everyone wowed.”
Fifth grader Jaleny Miranda said that she enjoyed spending time with all her friends during the party.
“I have to admit that I love spending time with all my friends any time I get,” she said. “We’ll play fun games and eat yummy treats.”
Fourth grade teacher Kaitlyn Tucker said that they will be partying at the end of the day.
“Students will be having their Valentine’s Party at the end of the day after all of the classes,” she said. “All the snacks and parties will be provided by the home room moms.”