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Librarian introduces more student activities and crafts


One of the library’s recent student activity.

Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

Most students see the library as a place filled with shelves and loads of books.
However, librarian Amanda Awakuni has turned the library into a place where students show up and have “fun.”
“I want to get all students into the library and make sure they see it as a place where they can come for any educational needs as well as if they just need a space to take a break in the day,” Awakuni said.
Although she does activities at least once a month, Awakuni would like to do more for both junior high and high school.
“I would like to get more book displays upstairs so they can see when they come over; therefore, they can see what books we have over in the library,” she said.
Awakuni said this is a great way to get the student body involved in other pastimes.
“I try to better understand, what students like and what they don’t in these activities. I try to see what interests them most and what would lure them to the library,” Awakuni said. “When I offer food, that is always a big draw. When I did Harry Potter week that was very popular.”
She has started a Magic club.
“It’s a playing card game that is available for students to come over every Tuesday. Non-profit donated all of the playing cards, so students get to come play and keep the cards if they want to.”
Sophomore Enya Reeve has been to the library to partake in these activities.
“Fun activities that I have done are the butter beer, the bookmark and Christmas ornaments,” Reeve said. “I do enjoy the activities that Mrs. Awakuni hosts. It was also very fun to go with friends.”
Reeves said she likes what Awakuni does for students.

I think it’s a great way to get the student body to gather up in the library with all your friends and even all your classmates,

— Enya Reeve


Reeve’s favorite recreation was the Christmas ornaments.
“My favorite activity that I did was the ornaments because I got to make my cute little ornament. It was with a small clear plastic cup-the kind that dentists give you to drink water from,” Reeve said. “I was going to make a snowman but I remembered she was going to melt it in a microwave oven, so I just did a random pattern cause my snowman would have looked horrible. It was my favorite because I got an excuse to draw on a cup with a marker and I wouldn’t get in trouble for it. Also it was very easy to make without a mess.”
Freshman Seth Kinzie is also one of the students to go to these events.
“The card game magic and making bracelets were my favorite pastime. I enjoy card games and making jewelry, but the card games are my top because I am good at it,” Kinzie said. “I really like that Mrs. Awakuni started hosting these fun and enjoyable activities for junior high and high school students. It gives students the liberty to go to the library not just to read, but to do fun things.”