Måneskin releases ‘Rush!’ album

Emily Shephard, Editor-in-Chief

After winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and achieving international fame, the hit group Måneskin has released two albums and a few hit singles.
The Italian modern rock band came out with their new album “Rush!” on Jan. 20. You might have heard some of Måneskin’s songs on TikTok: “Beggin” and “Supermodel.” The group hasn’t stayed complacent in their music career.
The album features 17 songs and five of which are listed as explicit. Some of the songs such as “Mammia” and “Supermodel” were pre-released.
The band features four members with the lead singer being Damiano David.
The best thing about “Rush!” is the music style that the album uses. It alternates between hardcore rock and soft pop, while keeping the classic Måneskin aesthetic.
One of the more popular tracks, “Gasoline”, is the perfect song for teens who feel misunderstood in today’s environment.
The tone of the song sets the idea that you, the listener, have been causing problems since 17; however, depending on who you are, the song can be a shout-out to that one ex you despise.
If you’re feeling a little heartbroken about anyone, the song “If Not For You” will probably hit a little close to home.
The song takes a complete change in style from the rest of the album. There’s no “head-banging” guitar, but rather soft piano, light guitar and the vocals of David.
Personally, I am a more soft pop, Phoebe Bridgers kind of person; however, when you listen to something amazing, you have to give credit to it.
I would highly recommend this album to any high school student that is interested in rock and alternative music.discogs