JV Girls Basketball


Serenity Jones

Shianne Bracey jumps ball to start the JV girls last basketball game of the season.

Shianne Bracey, Reporter

OVERALL: The JV girls have an overall 7-15 record.
DISTRICT: Their district record is 4-8.
BRIGHT SPOTS: Now that the team is in district, the non-district games helped the team working together and knowing where the teams strengths are.
“Getting the ball in the paint and running our plays is getting better,” sophomore Brooke Smith said. “As a team we need to talk more and work together.”
INSIDE SCOOP: With freshman Serenity Jones playing with the varsity now, the team stepped up to handle the ball better.
“We are trying to handle the ball better each game and practice.” Smith said.
Freshman Addy Peters switched off playing with the JV and the varsity.
“With Serenity not playing with us, it’s hard to keep up with our points,” sophomore Kate Fletcher said. “We have other girls on the team who are getting more comfortable shooting the ball.”
COACH’S VIEW: The season is over, and the team played as hard as they could.
“Their overall knowledge of the game improved,” Coach Julie Castles said. “Our girls never give up. Sometimes we get down in a game; however, we normally fight our way back.”
“Sometimes we got going too fast and turned the ball over,” Castles said. “We worked on taking care of the ball at all times and to never panic.”
ATHLETE’S VIEW: Smith said the team got better each game they played. Handling the ball was a big weakness the team had, but they improved every day. “We need to handle the ball better and not turn it over for the other team to score easy points,” she said.
Peters said since they only had six or seven people on the team, it was hard for the people who had to stay in the whole time.
“While the coaches did have breaks to give up, sometimes it wasn’t enough,” Peters said.