FCCLA members compete in stock show


Kim Geer

Sophomore Kim Geer’s cake for the stock show.

Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

The Archer County Show was held on Jan. 7 with FCCLA members competing.
Winning first place were Kimberly Geer for cakes; Kole Stovall, candy; Rebecca Taggart, sewing. Placing second were Kelsey Aultman for cookies; Tillee Bardwell, pies; Zoey Bates, breads. Placing third were Kelsey Aultman for cookies; Victoria Foster, breads. Honorable Participants were Tillee Bardwell for breads; Victoria Foster, breads; Rebecca Taggart, breads.
“In early December I had sent out entry forms for the stock show, so I could enter them early and get everything ready,” sponsor Donette Odom said. “On the day of the show students participating had to enter their items early that day whether it was pies, cakes, cookies or breads.”
Senior Rebecca Taggart entered both a cranberry bread and a dress.
“[Taggart] showed a dress for her sewing project. The judges were all quite impressed with her work,” Odom said.
Odom said that this year [FCCLA members] didn’t get to auction their items.
“After winning first in your division, you can go to auction to sell your item,” Odom said. “Unfortunately this year we didn’t make it to auction, but that’s okay. We’re still proud.”
Sophomore Kimberly Geer said she entered a white cake.
“I made a white cake with a raspberry marble, featuring homemade raspberry filling and Italian meringue icing,” Geer said.
Geer won first place in cakes.

I did better than I thought I did,

— Kim Geer

“My process was a lot neater this year.”
Sophomore Victoria Foster did two bread entries.
“I got third with my zucchini bread and didn’t place on my banana bread,” Foster said.
This was Foster’s first year in the stock show.
“I was happy with my placing especially since it was my first time submitting anything for the county show” Foster said. “For next year I plan to practice and find more recipes.”