JH Boys Basketball

Iryna Hotsuliak, Reporter

OVERALL: The junior high boys white team ended their season with a 2-8 record and the black team did with a 0-10 record.
LAST WEEK: The white team won the game against Petrolia in a 27-12 match. The black team lost to Petrolia in 25-38 match.
PREVIOUS GAMES: The white team took a 21-33 loss to Seymour. The black team lost to Seymour with an overall score 18-62.
BRIGHT SPOTS: Eighth grader Alex Miller made his first three pointer in the game against Seymour.
“I shot it and I am so glad I did it,” Miller said. “It was a good game in my life.”
Highest points per game average on the team belongs to seventh grader Seth Truette with eight points per game.
“Coaches help us to do our best,” Truette said. “I think I have improved a lot since the beginning of the season.”
INSIDE SCOOP: Coach Bradan Ritchey said both teams practiced hard.
“They have only gotten one win, but they have improved a ton every game,” Ritchey said. WEAKNESS: Ritchey said shooting the ball is the teams’ weakness. Both Miller and Truette agreed with the coach.
“We have to work more precisely when it comes to shooting,” Ritchey said.
Miller also said that the size of the team is their disadvantage.
“We are too small and it does not work out quite right,” Miller said.
STRENGTH: Ritchey said the boys’ strength is their hustle and attitude.
“We have kids that will do everything we ask them to do,” Ritchey said.
Truette said the teamwork and passing the ball are definitely their advantages.
“We still get along with each other,” Truette said. “It makes us stronger.”