Varsity softball team starts district with winning record


Photo by Carol Cox

The infield players take a knee during an injury timeout in the game against Windthorst. The Ladycats will host Petrolia at 1 p.m. Friday.

Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

The varsity softball season has started 6-13 overall and 3-1 in district. This year’s team has many fresh players.
Sophomore Malia Jones said her view on this year’s team changed once the team had a chance to play together.
“We are not as bad as I thought as we were going to be,” Jones said.
Jones said the team has both strength and weaknesses.
“Our hitting and offense are good,” Jones said. “One of our weakness is our defense.”
Head Coach Mallory Mooney said the team is still “young.”
“Our team is very young and inexperienced compared to last year’s team. This team has a lot left to learn and they will as we get further into the season,” Mooney said.
She said it is “challenging” to start a team with new people.
“It’s always difficult to start a season with a lot of new players. It takes time to learn a new routine and to gain the experience needed to be successful,” Mooney said. “There’s a different type of pressure playing tough rivalry games for your school versus playing league.”
Mooney said the team is working on their weaknesses.
“One of our weaknesses would be pitching. We lost our ace, senior Jill Lies, due to an injury. We’ve had a few players step up and say they would pitch. They got off to a rough start, but they’ve definitely improved over the past few games,” Mooney said. “Another weakness would be varsity experience. We only returned one everyday starter from last year’s team. The team is young, but they are learning and getting better every game.”
Mooney said the team’s strength is their offense.

The team can hit pretty well and we have a lot of speed on the bases.

— softball coach Mallory Mooney

Freshman Serenity Jones agreed with [Malia] Jones on the teams defense.
“Some of our weaknesses would definitely be defensively. We need to work on this because our offense is pretty good and if we work harder and better defensively, we can become a better team,” Serenity Jones said.
Serenity Jones has set a personal goal.
“My personal goal for softball this year is to just do the best I can and work harder in order to win as many games as we can,” she said.
Serenity Jones said the team needs to bond more.
“The bond between my teammates is different on and off the field,” Serenity Jones said. “On the field we have a lack of communication and I think we need to bring each other up more to give all of us more confidence.”
Serenity Jones said she is hopeful for this year’s softball season.
“This softball season all I see is improvement. We may not be the best, but as long as we try hard and meet our goals, then it should be a good season for us,” she said.