Fooling around

Students recount pranks against family, friends


Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

April Fools’ Day is the day where many hoaxes and jokes are done. Students share their experience with the holiday.
Sophomore Jayda Bogar did a prank on her ex-boyfriend.
“It was during class. I walked up to him and grabbed his hand,” Bogar said. “I told him ‘lets get back together.’ Then when he looked at me, I shouted ‘April Fools.’”
Bogar said that her ex was confused afterwards.
“He was more questionable about it after I yelled ‘April Fools.’ He said ‘it wasn’t funny’ and even asked if I was being for real. He was so disappointed,” Bogar said. “I thought it was hilarious, plus all his friends were telling me to do it.”
Coach Mallory Mooney fooled her roommate back when she was in college.

I pulled a trick on my roommate with a bunch of paper that I tore into little pieces and placed on top of our ceiling fan.

— coach Mallory Mooney

“When she got into our dorm and turned on the fan, it was as if we had a snow storm in our dorm.”
Mooney said she had to clean the mess afterwards by herself.
“My roommate was shocked at first and then started to laugh but made me clean up the all the small pieces that were everywhere,” she said.
Sophomore Jamie Guerrero pulled a prank on his brother.
“I filled my brother’s car with a bunch of colored ball pit balls,” Guerrero said. “I dumped about 5,000 balls through the window until they were all the way to the ceiling of the car.”
Guerrero said his brother was mad about this.
“He was also shocked on the amount of balls that could fit in his car since it’s not that big,” Guerrero said. “He didn’t have time to take them out of the car, so he drove like that the whole day.”
Junior Brianna Howard pranked her two sisters [Brittany and Kelly Howard].
“My mom had helped me because she also wanted to trick them too,” Howard said. “We went to the store and bought toothpaste and doubled stuffed cookies. We took out the white stuffing of the cookies and instead placed the toothpaste in them.”
Howard said her sisters were mad about the cookies.
“My whole family thought it was hilarious,” Howard said. “My sisters, on the other hand, weren’t. They were extremely grossed out about it and aggravated, but they eventually were laughing about it with the rest of our family.”