Sergeant, students encourage driving safety

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Juan Alba, News Editor

Since teen drivers have a fatal crash rate almost three times as high as drivers ages 20 and older, Students should take into consideration that there are many steps they have to take before pressing the pedal.
Sergeant Matt England said that teens should take many steps before starting to drive.
“Teens should walk around their car before they enter and check if everything is functional,” England said. “Students should check if the turn signals and the break lights are working.”
Junior Landri Payne takes steps before she actually starts driving.
“Before I even start my car I make sure to buckle my seat belt,” she said. “ I also check all my mirrors and I adjust my seat to my liking.”
Junior Brynlee Skelton said that she makes sure that all her friends are safe and secure for the drive.
“I usually drive around with my friends making me responsible for their safety,” she said “To ensure their safety, I make them put on their seat belts and to stop any distractions.”

Police offers will deal with the situation themselves. You should never have to take matters into your own hands.

— Sergeant Matt England

England said that students should take extra precautions when there are passengers in the car.
“Don’t let the other passengers distract you when you’re driving because it can cause problems later on, “ he said. “If you have a set destination, make sure the passengers are in control of the navigation app and not you.”
Senior Sara Schroeder feels as if she needs to be a safer driver when she’s driving with other people in the car.
“Having other people in the car make me drive much safer due to the fact that I’m responsible for their safety,” she said. “I make sure to not drive like a maniac and always make sure they are buckled and secure.”
Junior Chase Curry said that he gets upset at people in the road when they tend to be slower drivers.
“The only time I get road rage is when people drive like 30 miles under the speed limit,” Curry said.
England said to let the authorities deal with the situation in hand instead of teens when they’re having road rage.
“If there is a driver in the road causing issues to others around them you should call 911,” England said. “Police offers will deal with the situation themselves. You should never have to take matters into your own hands.””England said newly driving teens should take different routs at first to help with issues on main roads.
“Students should take routes that don’t involve them having to take highways or city traffic,” he said. “Being able to practice on roads that are not used as much is very useful to new drivers.”
Junior Kassidy Marin has some tips to give to new drivers on the road to make sure everyone who is on the road is safely driving.
“If you’re too anxious to drive on the road and that bothers you from driving correctly, you should try practicing on roads or paths that are not used by other people,” she said. “I see people on the road driving recklessly and it could eventually cause a huge problem if you’re not too safe.”
Junior Abigail Havens said that new drivers need to learn how to do many things before driving in big cities or populated places.
“New drivers should learn how to park correctly before going out to big places because it’ll help make sure no one around you gets upset,” she said. “Always go the speed limit. There should never be a reason you go above it.”
England said that there are some rules people should follow if they get pulled over.
“When a driver has been pulled over, they should pull over in a safe area not close to the road turn their hazards on and pull down the window,” England said. “Always be polite to a police officer no matter the situation. If you’re a safe driver, then you may have only been stopped for something minor.”