Wildcats throw short of next playoff round


The Wildcats in a time-out talking with Coach Kent Kyle by Zoey Bates

Shianne Bracey, Reporter

The Wildcat baseball team ended their season last Friday with a 1-19 loss to Chico in the bidistrict championship.
The baseball team had come from not having a specific head coach and one senior and four freshman starting to making playoffs.
Paraprofessional Kent Kyle had to step up and be the head coach for the team. Previously, he coached a travel softball team for his daughter.
“Getting back into the groove of things has been hard,” Kyle said. “I love helping these boys and I’m proud that we have made it to the playoffs. They have worked really hard and I feel they have earned the spot to be here.”
Kyle explained that the team has come a long way from the beginning and their hard work has paid off.
“We’ve gone through adversity but battled though enough to make playoffs,” Kyle said.
Despite their circumstances the Wildcats made it to playoffs.
“I’m glad that our team made it this far,” senior Gunner Smith said. “We definitely exceeding many other’s expectations.”
Throughout the season some players had to learn to play multiple positions due to the lack of players. Sophomore Noah Cornell and junior Brendon Mason said they had to learn different spots but ended up enjoying them.
“I have become more versatile with the sport and I’ve got to play more positions like third and shortstop,” Cornell said.
Mason explained that he had to play third base at the beginning of the season and thought he did well.
“Playing third base at the beginning of the season was fun considering I haven’t played third since I was a child,” Mason said. Spending time together during practices and 3-4 hour games, the boys have created memories with each other that will never be forgotten, Cornell said.
During the Petrolia game, the Wildcats were down and needed just one run to win the game. Sophomore Kellar Crow was on third base so all Smith had to do is hit to ball to send Crow to home plate.
“Smith hitting a walk off against Petrolia and winning the game to send us to the playoffs is my favorite memory of the season and one I’ll never forget,” Cornell said.