Freshman highlights workout routine, finding motivation


Shianne Bracey, Reporter

A New Year’s goal I made this year was to work out. My motivation was hanging out with the friends who also set this goal. For me, I want to work out to look better and grow muscles. We try and work out every day of the week when we’re not busy.
Working out can be hard and also time consuming, but there are many benefits. These can include weight loss, strength in bones or muscles, getting faster, looking and feeling better. Feeling better and looking better are benefits I look forward to seeing in myself with the work I’m putting in.
Some struggles in working out is learning the form of every workout and knowing what muscles I want to grow to see results. Not having a good form in my work outs can cause me to not see the results you want to see because I’m not doing it correctly. Researching the different forms for each workout helped a lot.
Working out with my friends has also helped me and motivated me to want to go to the gym. If I worked out by myself, I probably wouldn’t want to go as much as I do. This has also improved many friendships with these people.
My motivation has played a big role in my workout routine. What motivates me to work out is getting to hangout with my friends and the results that I want to see also. Finding motivation to go to the gym and work out has been something that I have learned to find in any situation.
My progress has made me proud of myself for wanting to look better. From the day I started until now, I feel so much better and I’m so much more confident in myself.
I wanted to start working out to be stronger and as I practice volleyball, I have noticed how much those extra reps have helped me improve so much. I wish I started to work out sooner.
The hardest part is probably be learning the form of the workouts because without good form the workout isn’t as beneficial. Learning that the results I am expecting take time and I have to eat well to see the results I want have also been challenging. Working out has been a big factor on why I’m way and so much more confident in myself. It really does have both a mental and physical effect.