Double trouble

Two seniors advance to state competing in UIL journalism


Photo by Jamie Krenek

Senior Kadence Huffman advances to state in three UIL events

Iryna Hotsuliak, Feature's Editor

Placing in the top three at the regional UIL academic meet on April 21 and 22, two students are advancing to state in four events. Also, the journalists won the regional journalism team championship. Overall the school scored 64 points ahead of Muenster with 60 points.

β€œI wished more would have advanced because they are all so talented,” UIL journalism coach Carol Cox said.

I am very proud of all my writers,

— UIL journalism coach Carol Cox

The state meet will take place on May 17 at the University of Texas in Austin. Advancing to the state meet are seniors Kadence Huffman and Candace Taggart.
β€œI am very excited to compete at state as it is my second time going back in news writing,” Taggart said. β€œI took a break last year.”
At the regional meet Huffman placed first in copy editing, first in editorial writing and second in headline writing; Candace Taggart, third in news writing; Rebecca Taggart, fifth in news writing; Iryna Hotsuliak, fifth in copy editing; and Kelsey Aultman, fifth in prose.
β€œI am excited to compete in all three events because I have more opportunity to place,” Huffman said. β€œLast year, I got second in editorials and fifth in copy editing. I’m hoping to get first this year.”
During Candace Taggart’s sophomore year, she became the state champion in news writing but had to compete on the Midwestern State University campus online due to COVID-19.
β€œI finally get to experience the real of state competition this year especially because I’m a senior.” She said, β€œI have been for debate once, and I am glad I can go in news.”
She also said something funny happens to her and her twin [senior Rebecca Taggart] every year competing in UIL.
β€œI have never gone at the same time as my twin sister,” Candace Taggart said.
Huffman said she feels a lot of pressure this year being a senior.
β€œI cannot change the results but I can do my best,” Huffman said.
Also, competing at the regional meet were Emily Shephard, Fallon Blair, Jaycie Holley, Kori Keeter, Louren Conner, Luke Deerinwater and Ty Cantrell.