Elementary takes trips, prepares for graduation

Image by Leslie Graham

Image by Leslie Graham

Juan Alba, News Editor

The pre-K students went from learning the ABCs to having a diploma in their hands. A graduation will be held at 8 a.m. on May 18 in the auditorium.
Pre-K teacher Janet Kinsey said that they started preparing for the celebration since the beginning of school.
“So at the celebration we will have this slide show of the students and their fun activities they experienced throughout the year,”
Kinsey said. “We start off with their first day of school picture and then we continue on from there with other pictures that hold great memories.”
Pre-K student Max Awakuni said that he’s excited for the new adventures that are going to come with kindergarten.
“I’m so excited to move up and get to learn new things in class,” he said. “I also get to play farther out in the playground and in the gaga pit.”
Kinsey said that the pre-K students have been practicing three songs to sing for the parents during the ceremony.
“We have recently been practicing three songs to show the parents the progress the students have made throughout the year,” she said. “We are learning a welcoming song a counting song and a moving up song.”
Pre-K student Chipper Wilson said he enjoys singing and.

This will be a chance for the students to create and build many new things.

— first grade teacher Tiarra Truette

“I’m very excited to show the parents our skills because I think we’re going to impress them,” he said. “My favorite song to sing is the counting song because I’ve always loved to learn numbers.”
The third and fourth graders had a safety day on May 5 where they were taught how to be safe in case of an emergency.
Fourth grade student Raegen Rowe said that she really enjoyed all the fun activities the different officers and helpers had for the students.
“My favorite part was the seat belt activity because the stuffed dog was flipped out of the car,” she said. “I learned that wearing a seat belt is very important because I could end up like the dog.”
Third grader Hannah Krenek said that she met the game warden.
“I really enjoyed meeting the game warden because he showed us the different compartments of a boat,” Krenek said. “He also showed us why it is a very important to always wear a life jacket.”
Third grader Blake Howeth said that his favorite part was the drunk goggles.
“The drunk goggles were so cool and it was so funny seeing everyone try them on,” he said. “The goggles taught me that getting drunk isn’t fun and we should never drive under the influence.”
The first graders will be going to CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace for a field trip.
First grade teacher Tiarra Truette said going to CrashWorks will be an amazing experience for the students to learn.
“This field trip is going to be so fun for the students because of the many activities there are for them to do,” Truette said. “This will be a chance for the students to create and build many new things.”
First grader Nayeli Estrada said that she was never bored at anytime during the trip.
“I was able to have a lot of fun on this trip because I was always building or just watching,” she said. “There was always something to do and it was cool to not only watch people build things but I got to build stuff too.”
First grader A.J. Jantz said that his favorite part was building.
“My favorite part was definitely the building part,” he said. “I got to build a cool tower and I had so much fun.”