Quill and Scroll inducts new members to acknowledge their journalism skills


Photo by Devanny Muniz

Juan Alba, News Editor

Four students were inducted to Quill and Scroll journalism honor society last Friday: Iryna Hotsuliak, Jill Lilies, Zoey Bates and Estefani Zea Monroy..
Hotsuliak said being inducted to Quill and Scroll is a big honor.
“I am very excited to be part of a community where members are honored for their accomplishments and success,” she said. “It’s such an honor to be apart of this society because you have to be suggested by a teacher to take part of the induction.”
Zea said that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to be inducted to Quill and Scroll.
“I made sure to keep up with my work and grades,” she said. “I also tried to do extra things here and there when I was finished with my work.”

I’ve always loved journalism and found it so fun even on the harder days

— Sophomore Zoey Bates

Bates said that journalism is one of her favorite subjects and she always tries her hardest to succeed.
“I’ve always loved journalism and found it so fun even on the harder days,” she said. “I always make sure to try my hardest on all of the assignments I get and it eventually paid off.”
Liles said that getting back into a journalism class was a good idea because she was able to excel in it.
“I was in the newspaper class my freshman year and I decided to wait until senior year to come back and do broad casting instead,” she said. “I really enjoyed being in broadcast. I’m so happy I decided to stay.”
Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists. It was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Iowa.
Current member Devanny Muniz said that Quill and Scroll is an opportunity to recognize hard work and dedication in a journalism class.
“To be part of Quill and Scroll, you have to put in effort to the journalism class you’re taking,” she said. “Hard work always pays off if you do things the correct way.”
Current member Brianna Howard said that Quill and Scroll is a very honored community and was excited when she was inducted her sophomore year.
“Quill and Scroll is basically like the National Honor Society of journalism,” Howard said. “I was so happy when I was inducted to the community because it shows that I worked hard to get to where I am.”
Current member Fallon Blair said that the ceremony is a respected part of the induction that all inductees have to go through.
“The ceremony is very prestigious and is a great way to welcome new members,” he said. “Every person that is welcomed to Quill and Scroll has to go through the ceremony and it’s celebrated nationwide.”
Current member Abby Havens said to be in Quill and Scroll journalists have to keep up with their work and students will be awarded for it.
“If you keep up with your work and your grades are done, you have a good chance to become part of the community,” Havens said. “Quill and Scroll isn’t always meant for everybody, but if you try your hardest, you’ll do great.”