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The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

New security measures in place across district

Courtesy of salamancany.com

New security measures across the district have been taken to ensure students’ safety. In the elementary there are a few changes. One of which are  corner mirrors placed at the office entrance. Another one are the lettered entrances placed around the whole school.

“We placed the corner mirrors during the summer,” elementary secretary Megan Franke said. “We also now have lettered entrances. For example when we have an emergency and a police officer needs to know your location, you can just say entrance M.”

Fourth grader Kylie Randall said these are “cool mirrors.”

Aside from keeping us safe, these mirrors also help me look and see who is coming from the other side of the office”

— fourth grader Kylie Randall

Another precaution being taken is changing  the front doors of the library.

“We will be placing new doors to the front entrance of the library,” Huseman said “During the summer we also changed the angles of the cameras. We placed them to the point where we would have a better view of the hallways.”

Huseman is also looking forward to adding more safety measure throughout the year.

“We are looking into adding additional locks in the classrooms,” Huseman said.

In the high school building new provisions are also being taken. Agriculture is a class that is taken  outside of the high school building. Students accessed the side doors  to go the ag building, but that is no longer allowed. Now students have to go through the doors but the front office in the mornings after class is over.

Junior Justin Perez said that this is “time consuming.”

“Especially in the morning this is a waste of time making us go to the front office in the morning,” Perez said.

Agriculture teacher Ryan Crafton said that there will be a new perimeter fence around the ag building.

“We will place a fence on both sides of the building,” Crafton said. “On the front we will place a gate.”

Crafton said that this will help when there is a danger involved.

“If we were to ever be in a dangerous situation, this will help keep the danger out and keep the kids locked up safe,” Crafton said. “Right now we are waiting for the money to come in and then our welding students will start building the fence themselves.”








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