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The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

Cat's Claw

Homecoming meal
Homecoming meal
Junior Class September 15, 2023

The junior class is hosting a homecoming meal Sunday, Oct. 8 from 11-1. The meal includes a pulled pork sandwich, chips, beans, a drink, and...

Mid-season sale for all sports pass
Mid-season sale for all sports pass
Adelyn Harvey, Online Editor • September 15, 2023

Come support our Archer City Wildcats and Ladycats. If you would like a sports pass, please bring cash or check to the Admin Office. This pass...


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Emma Chamberlain’s Podcast ‘Anything Goes’ Explores Serious Topics

Courtesy of hippox.com

Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes” podcast is filled with a variety of topics and engaging conversations for any moment at any time.
Chamberlain started her job as a Youtuber; midpoint of her career she decided to join the band wagon of making a podcast and it turned out greatly in her favor. Chamberlain has constantly posted every Thursday and Sunday since Feb. 14 2020.
The only real complaint about the podcast is that Chamberlain stops between almost every word she says, almost like she is still trying to process what to say. It will be a hard listen for people who are impatient or have a short attention span. Although that might be an issue, a positive the audience can take from the negative is that they know Chamberlain is providing raw content that isn’t scripted.
Every episode ranges from 30-40 minutes and rarely overpasses the 40 minute mark, making it a quick listen. So if you’re looking for a podcast that’s quick but gets the point across, the “Anything Goes” podcast is one of the best choices because there are a lot of episodes with different topics for everyone.
There has been some feedback about how the videos that correlate to the episodes aren’t very intriguing, but the topics Chamberlain talks about doesn’t require an activity or a physical show. Chamberlain made her podcast so she can rant to a microphone and tell her audience about serious topics.
On one of her most recent episodes, Chamberlain had Emily Bode as a guest appearance and it was talking about how it feels to be a clothing designer and let the listener adventure into Bode’s mind. Having a guest appearance in any content is essential for success for anyone; the different attributes guests bring lets new people be invested into the podcast and feel intrigued that a topic they like is being discussed.
I would recommend this podcast to people who have enough of an attention span that loves to hear about trendy topics or needs advice on certain things.

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