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Student offers tips for studying

Student offers tips for studying
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December is the month for decorating Christmas trees and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. Yet, it is also the absolute horror for us students.

The year is coming to an end and everybody is ready for Christmas and New Year’s. As a student I am ready for Christmas break. But before this happens big tests have to be taken.

Midterms or finals stress students. Just the thought of it makes me pull out my hair. Taking a test over what all I have learned in the first semester is something I do not want to do.

That is why I prepare myself for finals by studying. Now studying is not for everyone, but by doing it can help with tests.

What I do is I go over every single test that I have had in that subject and look at my mistakes, so I can learn from them. I usually have a notebook and write notes about each subject.

Color coding and highlighting certain things in my notes are also other tips that help with remembering them. I try to do this a week before finals.

Other studying tips that I take in to consideration is music. Now I am a person who cannot do anything without listening to music. Whether it is a quick  10-minute study session or even an all nighter, it just helps me get through. I do not enjoy the silence, so this really helps with that.

A third study tip that helps is having a clean, organized workplace. I cannot work with an all-around scattered area. I have to keep everything organized and neat so that when I study, I can concentrate.

Gum and music are other important keys for me when it  comes to studying. Whenever I use both and take my test the next day, I think of the songs that I listened to and chew gum  which really helps. By doing so it reminds me of my notes.

Snacks are also things that help. Having a snack around helps with not going to the kitchen and getting sidetracked.

Location also matters. I tend to study in my room because it’s quiet and organized the way I like.

Sometimes, however, I study outside after a while of being in my room and go to my backyard depending on the weather.  Going outside and taking a break helps me relax.

After a while of studying breaks are needed. My brain needs a moment to cool off because if not, then it will not function correctly.

The night before the test I usually try to go all over my notes to refresh my mind. Then I do this in the morning again to make sure I get the information I need.

All of off these techniques help me to not only to be successful when studying, but to do well on tests.

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