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The No. 1 news source of Archer City High School

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Teens discuss collections

Photo by Kelly Howard
Senior Brianna Howard has a collection of plushies and stuffed animals.

Students often have a lot of free time. Some spend that time collecting items, whether it be for fun, for memories or as a habit.

Porcelain dolls and other kinds of dolls are what eighth grader Emily Kinzie has a collection of.

“They are valuable and they were my grandma’s,” Kinzie said.

The perfect present for senior Brittany Howard is plushies and stuffed animals. She has a collection of three plushy plague doctors she got as gifts and a total collection of 33.

“I love my plushies,” Howard said.

They bring me a sense of comfort.”

— senior Brittany Howard

After showing in ag shows for years, junior Zoey Bates collects the reward ribbons. “I have showed pigs for the last three years and that is how I started collecting my ribbons,” Bates said. “I have been to plenty of shows so I have a lot of them, They come in all different shapes and styles like ear tag shaped, regular ribbons, and other styles.”

Along with others in the south, senior Brendon Mason collects cowboy hats.

“It’s a fun hobby to collect hats,” Mason said.

Eighth grader Lanalynn Coffman collects seashells.
“I collect them because they are purple, pretty and different,” Coffman said.
For fun, seventh grader Kaidyn Patterson collects electronics.
“I collect them because they are fun to have and sometimes they are an old piece,” Patterson said.
After getting some poker chips for a present, eighth grader Kynlee Dodson collects them.
“I started collecting them because my grandma’s old boss got me some for my birthday,” Dodson said. “ever since then I’ve been collecting them.”
Junior Luke Deerinwater collects vinyl records of his favorite types of music.
“I don’t have to pay a subscription to listen to music,” Deerinwater said. “I collect three genres: Brit’s pop, thrash metal and 70s West Coast Psychedelic rock. My favorite record that I have is Tapestry by Carole King.”
For as long as he can remember, junior Cort Miller has collected poker cards for fun.
“They’re interesting and fun,” Miller said. “I get to collect all of the different kinds.”
Junior Aedyn Weiss collects random rocks he finds.
“I collect rocks to shoot them
from a slingshot,” Weiss said.

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