Wildcats face difficulties

Team deals with new coaches and positions


Players Keaton Coleman, Dalton Drennan and Jarrod Richey race onto the field after half-time.

Many people in Archer City associate the fall season with Friday night lights, the yells of agitated fans, the whistles of the refs and a half-time performance from both teams’ bands, followed by a spirit line with the cheerleaders.

Football season is underway, and the Wildcats are starting the season with a record of 1-3. The changes to the coaching staff and on-field positions have impacted the entire team.

Head coach Don Hasley said that even though the changes in coaching and positions have made things difficult this season, the team continues to work and practice hard.

“It always makes things difficult when a member of the staff leaves,” Coach Hasley said, “but the team keeps going strong.”

They keep going and don’t give up.”

— head coach Don Hasley

Not only have there been some changes in coaching, but there have also been some position switches on the field. However, senior Derrik Pollock said that the team has been managing quite well.

“We all just have to do our jobs now,” Pollock said. “The rest will take care of itself.”

Coach Hasley said that the practices are more difficult this year to help the team improve.

“The boys have been working hard,” Coach Hasley said. “Despite all the difficulties of this year, they keep going and don’t give up.”