‘Fallout 76’ flawed game


Fallout 76 logo

Justin Veitenheimer, News Editor

“Fallout 76” is a online action role-playing game that was announced on May 30 and was released on November 14, by Bethesda Studios. It received a 49 percent Metacritic rating. The game had an early beta version which was set at certain times. These “Beta times” were from two to nine hours and were set at bad moments. Some people would have been unable to play since they had a job or other things they had to do which caused major backlash.

Prior to the game’s launch it had many bugs, glitches, and exploits causing other players to get an advantage. Many thought these would be fixed at launch but they were still there. This problem causes the game to lag and even crash at points.

Bethesda recently announced that they would NOT add cross platform play. This is so hypocritical since they made such a big deal about how they wanted it and then rejected the offer

Prior to the game’s launch it had many bugs, glitches, and exploits

— Justin Veitenheimer

The game has NO human bots which can be a good and bad thing. Personally I would like them. It can help with adding to the story instead of hearing a voice telling players what to do just to find out it’s some robot that is broken.

The game has a system where players can’t fight other players until level five.If players get attacked by another player, players have a choice to fight back or just sit and heal until they leave. This could be alright if the anti-grief system wouldn’t punish you for it. When attacked if the other player refuses to fight back the game will make the attacker instantly wanted.

The game has NO field of view setting for those with motion sickness, and absolutely no disability features which is a shame to not have.

The game has a gigantic map that has so much to do and to explore. There are a ton of enemies, but the map has many unaccessible areas that players can’t go in.

The game has great moments in it, but also flaws that make some people unable to play. The game needed a major overhaul from the old engine.

The game is great and so much fun to play when it doesn’t stutter or crash. I hope they fix these features in the future. Fallout 76 could be a fantastic experience if the developers put in more effort.