‘Red Dead Redemption II’ offers gripping single-player campaign


Kodi Graham, Entertainment Editor

Outlaws and gunslingers were almost extinct by the time of 1899. “Red Dead Redemption II,” developed by Rockstar Games, is the story of these loose ends and their attempts of survival in this new society.

The game is a prequel to the 2010 hit “Red Dead Redemption,” following retired gang member John Marston and his grasping for redemption. Marston’s wife and son had been taken by the government and were being ransomed for the death of some of his old gang members, including their leader – Dutch van der Linde.

In the newest edition of the “Red Dead” series the player is Dutch’s right-hand-man, Arthur Morgan. As the game is a prequel, characters such as Marston are noticeably young and immature.

The gang has been run out of the central Texan town of Blackwater, leaving all of their money and being forced into the mountains up East. They attempt to push back into the freedom of the West, only to be denied at every turn.

I am currently in the third chapter of the game, and I haven’t been disappointed.  The game is freeflowing, I haven’t felt bored yet and the environment is extremely realistic.

In “Red Dead Redemption II,” the player’s actions have consequences. The Moral System, which keeps track of your deeds, provides them with the feeling of community and even guilt at times.

Whenever they rob, beat, or scare a person, they lose honor points. Helping strangers stranded on the road or even doing errands for shopkeeps brings them up. Honor points are important as the more players have, the more in-game benefits they can attain as well.

Not only is “Red Dead Redemption II” a gripping single-player campaign, it is coming to multiplayer in “Red Dead Online.”

“Red Dead Online’s” beta started on Nov. 27, and was only available to those who purchased the Ultimate Edition. Online provides all the experience of the single-player adventure with the player’s own original character and their friends by their side.

“Red Dead Redemption II” is an extremely exciting game, and can really change one’s outlook on the days of the west.