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Harrow’s new release spooks

Harrows new release spooks
Courtesy of Amazon.com

“Starling House” is a book written by Alix E. Harrow. She is a known author who writes  mainly science and speculative fiction. Some of her notable works are “The Ten Thousands Doors of January,” “A Witch’s Guide to Escape” and various short fiction novels.

Her most recent novel, “Starling House,”  explores the dynamics of fairy tale, gothic, dark and contemporary fantasy. This is a great book to read that starts getting readers ready for the spooky season.

The novel starts off by introducing the readers to the setting in the small town of Eden, Kentucky.  The town is described as “a dying coal town.” There lives Opal, a young orphan girl with her brother Jasper.

The people in town view Opal as a stranger and nobody seems to like her. She wants Jasper to have a better future than she did. She works overtime to make sure this happens. That is until she gets a job opportunity at Starling House.

Throughout the novel the reader learns that Starling House is a mansion known to be cursed. It was built around the time the famous author E. Starling, who wrote “The Underland,” mysteriously disappeared.

Many locals  do not like to associate with this place because it is known to cause misfortune. The mansion has a long sinister history that is filled with many dark secrets. The people of the town agree that the place and the residents that live there are people not to be around.

The current owner, Arthur Starling, was the one who gave the housekeeping job to Opal. He  knows the secrets that lie within the  walls.

Harrow does a great job at the beginning of the book by luring the readers’ attention by signifying the importance of Starling House. She also introduces all the characters and tells the flaw and characteristics.

The novel continues on by revealing more information about Starling House and its’ perplexing past.

Arthur’s long family history deals with death, murder and disappearances. He does not want anybody to be concerned with his family’s trouble nor does he want this to continue in the family line. So he makes a truce that he will be the last Starling to ever live here.

Harrow’s perception on Arthur makes him seem  like both the protagonist and antagonist of the story.

After meeting Opal, Arthur’s sentiment changes. He felt something the moment he saw her.

Throughout the story Harrow manages to change the tangled start of the relationship between Opal and Arthur. The start of their relationship is rocky then later manages to turn into a romantic situation. They become more comfortable with each other and their bond strengthens.

The main character learns secrets that Starling House has and she also manages to find herself.

Harrow’s writing has readers on the verge of suspense throughout the novel as she unveils unforeseen secrets.

As a result, “Starling  House”  is a book that leaves reader in a looping circle of forthcoming secrets. Harrow’s books are excellent for readers that enjoy a Gothic – horror romance.

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