Journalism students, junior high to compete


Carol Cox

Eighth graders Kelsey Aultman, Camryn Cox and Emily Wolf competed in Oral Reading at the junior high UIL meet in Windthorst.

Emily Strenski, Editor-in-chief

The journalism students participated in a practice UIL meet on Thursday and Friday. Results were unavailable at press time.

I know it’ll be good practice for me.”

— Junior Breanna Howard

“We’ve been competing in this meet for the last few years,” journalism teacher Carol Cox said. “It’s a good way to kick-start the UIL season and to prepare students for district.”

Junior Breanna Howard said she is looking forward to the meet.

“I know it’ll be good practice for me,” Howard said. “I’m hoping to get some good feedback on my writing to help better myself for the district competition.”

The elementary will be competing in their district UIL contest tomorrow.

“The meet will be held at Archer City,” elementary counselor Vicky Lopez said. “We have 60 students preparing for the contest.”

Mrs. Lopez said that she knows the competition will be  harder than past years.
“My expectations of this year’s contest will be tougher due to having three more districts attending,” Mrs. Lopez said. “We are aware when you have more students competing, then we have to work harder to place as an individual or a team.”

Also competing tomorrow, the junior high faces a similar change in their UIL competition at Windthorst.

“Normally, we only compete against four schools at district,” UIL coordinator Leslie Graham said. “This year, however, we will be competing against all eight schools in our district.”

Mrs. Graham said that she knows it’ll be a tougher contest than past years.

“We want to win,” Mrs. Graham said. “We’ve always done great at district, and I expect no less from our students no matter how many schools we’re up against.”