JH OAP places first at district


Cherith Meek

Eighth graders Bonner Hand, Leiah Graham, Justine Neely, Chase Curry, Dylan Hall and Kassidy Marin perform a scene from “Dearly Departed.”

Candace Taggart., Feature's Editor

The junior high one act play won first at district contest on Nov. 17 with scenes from “Dearly Departed.” They were directed by Becky Nogle and Haley Owen.

According to Mrs. Nogle, it was very exciting and unexpected to place first.

  “I believe it was very validating for the kids and the hard work they put in,” Mrs. Nogle said. “Our district is very competitive, so there’s always six good plays.”

  Eighth graders Bonner Hand and Jaycie Holley made the All-Star Cast. Eighth grader Kole Stovall received Best Light Technician. Seventh grader Brooke Smith received Honorable Mention.


I believe it was very validating for the kids and the hard work they put in”

— Mrs. Nogle

Hand said it felt good to make All-Star Cast.

“It felt cool to make it my first year because my brother didn’t make it until his senior  year,” Hand said.

Mrs. Owen said it was a “pleasant surprise” to win first.

“I feel very proud of my kids,” Mrs. Owen said.

Hand said he was surprised  that they won.

“We watched the other performances and they were good,” Hand said. “We didn’t think that we were better.”

  According to Mrs. Nogle their expectations always look the same each year.

“It looks like a pretty steep mountain to climb,” Mrs. Nogle said. “You’re never quite sure you’ve reached the peak until it comes contest day.”

Eighth grader Chase Curry said his expectations were good, but still unsure.

“We thought we were going to do okay, but there were still a few bad spots that we were worried,” Chase Curry said.

The play was written by David Botrell and Jessie Jones. It is about a dysfunctional family who experience a family member’s death.