Shianne Bracey, Reporter

Many people would say Snapchat is an inappropriate app but others say it’s a good way to communicate with friends and family. In my point of view, Snapchat is a great way to communicate with people all around the world.
I first got Snapchat when my parents thought I was mature enough to handle the “social media world.” With that being said, I got the app when I was in fifth grade. I think being young and introduced to the media was an eye-opener but also very dangerous.
Many dangerous people exist in the world we live today, but it’s also a learning experience. There are things you should put on social media and things you should keep private.
Besides all that, Snapchat is the main resource I use to communicate. As of December 2022, Snapchat has 363 million daily active users. The app has exploded since its debut, and when used right, it can be convenient and beneficial to its users.
Snapchat is more than just texting. You can show the people you text what you’re doing in the matter of seconds by simply sending a picture, or a snap. It is basically like FaceTime, just at a quicker pace.
Texting on regular message takes up a lot of storage. While when you send a picture on Snapchat it doesn’t take up storage if you don’t save the picture.
When you save your snaps in your memories, it will show up a year later and you can see the flashbacks from different years, so it allows you to reminisce on fun moments with your friends.
You can also call and face-time others on the app. While it is easier to call and face-time on the regular app, it is another way to communicate.
Group-chats are also a big part of the Snapchat experience. You don’t have to wonder who is who because even if you don’t have them added, you still can see who is texting.
Now, you can buy the Snapchat+ where you can change the snapchat icon and other cool things to make it fun.
With the Snapchat+ you can also see what place you are in another person’s friends list.
While there are several cons for Snapchat, there are also a good amount of pros too. This is why you should consider Snapchat as a good app.