Staff praises saftey protocol


Madison Ellis, Reporter

In recent years school shootings, drugs and violence have increased statewide; these incidents have instilled fear into many children and staff for their safety in schools.
Our school has implemented a cellphone app, “SchoolGuard,” to keep students and staff safe from active threats.
The SchoolGuard app speed dials 911, notifies all approved users in the area, displays a mapped location from where the alert was set off and has a page to upload individual response plans for each classroom.
SchoolGuard allows for many students and staff to feel safe despite inevitable threats, while upsetting others as the thought of needing such an app is unsettling.
Along with the app, blue panic buttons have been installed all throughout the school.
These buttons are only to be used in the case of an actual emergency.
These bright blue buttons immediately notify the police of an emergency at the location the button was pressed.
According to the school nurse multiple teachers have been given Narcan, a nasal spray to treat narcotic overdoses, in case of a situation where a student or staff may need it quickly.
Narcan is a life-saving drug that has been used in schools and on the streets for multiple years now.
Following recent events at our school all staff were to take a mandatory first aid course, “Epilepsy Foundation Seizure Recognition and First Aid Recognition,” online.
Since seizures are scary and can be deadly, our school is taking the steps in protecting its students and staff.
These changes are with the students and staff in mind, keeping our school as safe as possible.