Couple returns to faculty after leaving in 2018

Couple returns to faculty after leaving in 2018

Rebecca J. Taggart, News Editor

From old to new is a common occurrence amongst life. Whether it’s fashion trends or policies, things leave and return just like faculty members as well.
Coaches Josh and Julie Castles have returned to work at the school after leaving in 2018.

The wind changes often, but still remembers the names of the past.

— Coach Josh Castles

Guidance counselor Leslie Graham said that their return didn’t change much for adjusting and such.
“It’s just like any other faculty member change,” Graham said.
Graham worked with Josh Castles when he was a principal and said he’s still the same old.
“He still has his jokes and quirks when I see him pass through here,” She said.
Josh Castles was a coach then he was principal and now he’s a coach again after returning. He said what prompted their return was the school losing some coaches.
“Coach M. Morris stepped down,” he said, “The girl coaches approached Jules Castles.”
Josh Castles said he was excited about returning.
“I was fired up,” Josh Castles said.
Senior Breden Hulse had Josh Castles as a Principal and now a coach.
“I kind of remember him as a Principal, but he’s a good coach,” he said.
Hulse said the students got used to Josh Castles pretty easily because of his good attitude.
“He always tries to be inspirational and is positive all the time,” Hulse said.
Coach Donny Gray also worked with Josh Castles when he was a principal.
“It’s really exciting having him back,” Gray said, “We missed him.”
Josh Castles said he has adjusted well and that he’s ready for the changes.
“Every new chapter has it’s unique read,” he said, “This one is good.”
Josh Castles said he’s glad he came back especially for his family.
Julie Castles said she was glad to return back to archer
“I missed the coaches and the team,” she said.
Coach Krissa England said everything is going as usual with them back.
“They just fit right in.” England said.
“I enjoy getting to be a part of my nephew’s and son’s extracurricular activities, there is nothing better,” he said, “Life is short, so I’m soaking that time up with them.”