Teens shop for family, friends


Jaycie Holley, Photo Editor

For some students, the holidays can be a stressful time with school and extracurriculars in addition to the pressure of shopping and visiting family.
Junior Kassidy Marin said she buys gifts with her money she earned over the summer. Her parents also help her if needed.

It’s hard to stay calm and not be stressed during Christmas”

— Kassidy Marin

Marin said she participates in extracurriculars that take up a lot of her time.
“I don’t have much free time so I utilize online shopping for others or I go on the weekends I can,” Marin said.
Junior Caitlyn Hilbers said she buys presents for her parents and siblings using money from when she babysits.
“I’m usually busy during the week so I try and shop for them on the weekends,” Hilbers said.
Hilbers said she doesn’t really get stressed during Christmas time.
“The Christmas spirit makes up for any stress I could have,” Hilbers said.
Junior Kaydyn Ritchie goes shopping for others with her mom’s money.
“I worked during the summer but I don’t have much right now,” Ritchie said. “So my mom either gives me money or I go shopping with her.”
Ritchie said she loves to give back to others.
“I like to give gifts because it shows I appreciate what they do for me and it makes them happy,” Ritchie said.
Ritchie said it is hard being a students during the holiday time.
“It’s difficult because I feel like there is less time to spend with my family,” Ritchie said.
Freshman Parker Hilbers said he also buys gifts for his family.
“I have some money saved up, or my parents will help me buy for my siblings,” Hilbers said.
Hilbers said he has five siblings but he doesn’t buy for all.
“Every year, we draw a name out of a hat and that how we know which sibling to buy gifts for,” Hilbers said.
Hilbers said he really enjoys this traditional.
“I enjoy it because not a lot of families get to do it and it helps me not have to buy all my siblings gifts,” Hilbers said. “That would be a lot of money.”