New machine awaits possibilities

Ag department and 3D modeling plans to work

The Ag shop and the 3D modeling program are working together to program and work with the new plasma machine.

“My welding class and Mrs. [Mika] Morgan’s class will be working on different projects to help the school and other activities outside the school,” Ag sponsor Clifton Russel said. “The machine is designed to cut pictures out from the different things we program in the computer. It also has the ability to trace objects and then copy it.”

The possibilities with the machine are endless Russel said.

“It can make anything from yard signs, symbols, parts for multiple machines, etc.,” he said.

Mrs. Morgan hopes to use it for her 3D modeling class, but nothing specific right now.

“We may use it for solid structure for our 3D printer,” she said. “Any custom made metal my class needs can be made with this machine. If we need anything anything for our robots for competition, the possibilities with it are amazing.”

Mr. Russel was sold on the machine with specific details.

“It eliminates human error,” he said. “With different thicknesses, it will be programmed to cut differently with different measurements. The tracing and the fact that it was Texas-made had me interested in it.”

He hopes for the project to be up and running by Christmas.

“I hope to show it off at a FFA gathering meal,” Mr. Russel said. “I just need all the parts to come in, so we can mount it and fire it up.”