JH Girls Basketball

Madison Ellis, Reporter

OVERALL: The eighth grade girls basketball team is 3-10 and the seventh grade is 7-5.
LAST WEEK: The eighth grade played Seymour 27-50. The seventh grade played Seymour 10-40.
PREVIOUS GAMES: The eighth grade played Olney 39-28. The seventh grade played Olney 20-15.
BRIGHT SPOTS: Coach Tyler Owen said the girls worked very hard this season.
“Emily Kinzie in seventh grade and Kaitey David in eighth grade have been playing very well this season,” Owen said.
INSIDE SCOOP: Kinzie said the plays this season were well practiced.
“Getting the plays memorized and practiced was a lot, but it’s really paid off,” Kinzie said.
WEAKNESS: Eighth grader Kaitey David said the girls often argued.
“The team struggled with communication on and off the basketball court,” David said.
STRENGTH: Owen said the girls improved with every single practice.

The girls have a powerful offense and a good defense.

— Tyler Owen