Staying in line

Elementary adopts procedures to prioritize students’ safety


Emily Shephard

Technology Director helps guide parents to the pick up line.

Juan Alba, Reporter

To make a safer system for students to get to their parents’ cars, the administration and faculty have created a pickup process for students.
“There are six to eight teachers outside helping students inside their cars, and about 10 inside helping the students out of the cafeteria,” vice-principal Jaime Krenek said. “The staff use walkie-talkies for better communication.”
The former pickup line did not have a system. Parents could just come and go to pick up their children.
“Picking up my kids is quicker than beforehand,” Parent Amy Keeter said. “The line also is much safer than not having a line at all.”



Fifth grader Abel McCown said he likes the security of the new pick up line.
“I feel like the new system keeps students safe from intruders,” McCown said.
Because the system is new, McCown said he believes there could be some improvements.

“The line takes too long causing parents to get frustrated,”

— Fifth Grader Abel McCown

Mccown said. “It needs to be fixed at the point where the parents pick the students up, so it’s faster.”
The staff is now able to monitor with whom the students are leaving.
“We have eyes on the students and get to see who they’re taking off with,” Krenek said. “It also allows me to get to know the guardian better.”
Sixth grader Christopher Boree said he’s a fan of the new pickup line and all of its procedures.
“I like how organized, efficient and safe it is,” Boree said. “The line is awesome and I don’t have any complaints.”
5th grader Briley Reneau said she likes that the line is coordinated and safe.
“I think the line is organized greatly,” Reneau said. “It’s way more safer now that than when we just left school freely.”
Keeter said that it has gone smoothly after the first trial run.
“The first day was frustrating,” Keeter said “The line now has a better system in place and the staff has made it as easy as possible.”
Technology Director Karen Brunker believes the line will make sure the kids are safe at all times under any condition including the weather.
“I think that safety is our biggest concern,” Krenek said. “We also allow students to stay inside in a safe environment instead of outside in the weather.