FCCLA members discuss goal of picking up trash on highways

Estefani Zea, Sports Editor

Family, Career and Community leaders of America had a meeting to discuss their trip and community services on March 9.
FCCLA sponsor Donette Odom said she would like to do more for the town.
“Every time I drive around town, all I see is trash on the sides, on fences and on the middle of roads,” Odom said. “I really think that this is a big issue around here in the area, so I think FCCLA members could really help out with that.”
Odom said this is “disappointing.”
“I wonder what happened to ‘Don’t Mess with Texas.’ I wish people that drive around could stop and help with the trash issue. This is really upsetting,” Odom said.
Senior Raeli Nation agreed with Odom.

I think it is a good idea that she wants us teens to help out with this problem.

— senior Raeli Nation

This is what being part of FCCLA means,” Nation said.
The renaissance trip is an event that Odom organizes for FCCLA member to partake in. It is an outdoor event that dates back to the medieval times where historical events are recreated and includes many types of entertainment. Members are allowed to dress up to.
“This is my first year in FCCLA, so it will also be my first year to go on the renaissance trip in Fort Worth. It is great that Ms. Odom has this trip set up as a tradition,” Nation said.
Sophomore Chloe Hundley said she also wants to help the community.
“I think with the idea that Ms. Odom proposed is a great way to do so,” Hundley said.
Hundley said she is “excited” about the trip this year.
“Last year I wanted to go, but I couldn’t, so this year will be my first time going. The fun thing about the trip is that we will get to dress up in the medieval times,” Hundley said.